Quickly and easily decode the Autotask Problem Management jargon

Autotask’s Service Desk module now includes ITIL-inspired “problem management” features. This allows you to associate multiple related tickets. I’m convinced that this will help your team be more effective when blasting away issues that sparked a wildfire tickets.

With the new features, some tickets become “problems”, others “incidents”, yet others remain “service requests”. Understanding the terminology is really important to effectively working with this set of features.

Save yourself the time of reading ITIL documentation and watch this 2-minute video. I’ll explain how the ITIL documentation explains these terms, and show you exactly how they work in Autotask.

Have a quick watch, then rest easy.

  • Trevor Dyck says:


  • Albert Dutra says:

    Travis, You’re always helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do these.

  • nice video. cute animations. did you do them yourself?

  • Angel Rojas says:

    Fantastic, as always!

  • Your explanation of incident vs problem is not entirely correct.  While it’s possible that you can have a problem that has multiple customer incidents it’s more likely however that you’ll have problems with multiple incidents from the same customer.  The problem management is more about root cause analysis and resolution of the root cause. Incident management is more about restoration of service.  For example, a router might be faulty and the technician managing the incident will reboot the router restoring the service.  After 2 or 3 incidents you can notice a pattern, which is where problem management looks further to find the root cause of the router issue.So while your example of a webserver problem is correct, the splitting of multiple customers is not.Regards.

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