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Don’t waste your day trying to figure out the Autotask ticket stopwatch

No, the ticket stopwatch isn’t a waste of time. In fact, I think it’s awesome.

But, when there’s a quick video to help you learn about it in 2 minutes, then figuring it out on your own is a waste of time.

The newest release of Autotask includes a rad new feature they’re calling the “Ticket Stopwatch”. It allows you to keep track of exactly how long you spend working tickets for customers, and you don’t have to remember to open a Time Entry screen before you start working!

The feature is elegant, simple, and effective. In this very short 2-minute video, I’ll quickly show you the key points you need to know to adopt it quickly and easily into your own workflow.

Please give it a quick watch and then leave me a comment (below) and tell me what you think. Thanks!

Now watch, go, and be free!

Service Desk – Ticket Stopwatch

  • Angel Rojas says:

    Travis, as usual, your dedication to Autotask is awesome!  Thanks for posting this video, I’m sharing it with my team!

  • Dave Purscell says:

    Very nice. Thanks for the great video.

  • That’s a really awesome feature, and your video made it simple to understand.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice idea, but misses the mark in my case. For all the organizations I’ve ever worked for, we all billed in.25 increments, so it’s an extra step for us to edit the time appropriately. Would be a better feature if we could tune it to use rules such as rounding appropriately for billing purposes. I’m sure certain companies have a minimum charge for calling, bill by the 5 minute mark, billing by 1/2 and 1/4 hour, etc. So it kinda sucks we can’t use it as easily as folks that bill by the minute.

    • T, you actually CAN do just what you’re looking for. Within Autotask, navigate to Admin > Workflow Policies, and then scroll to the very bottom. Within the “Timesheets” section, you can round time entries to a certain number of minutes.Our organization rounds to 6 minutes, which bills our customers in 1/10th of an hour increments.

    • James Holt says:

      Travis Austin this is true, but only works for the first .25 of an hour, if i work .3 of an hour Autotask doesn’t round it up to the next .25 increment (i.e. 0.5) for me, it leaves it at .3

    • James Holt – you have set the Work Type to bill a minimum of 0.25 hours, but you still need to adjust the Workflow Policy to do incremental billings. They’re different than a minimum. Let me know of you need more details.

  • Michael Bayless says:

    Another great time saver from Travis Austin.

  • Michael Bayless says:

    Now we just need a save button (or “Auto”save) feature so we don’t have to close and re-open the ticket.  This way even if we lose power we haven’t lost all of our notes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great feature! Too bad Autotask is not user friendly in general. Piece of crap software from the viewpoint of an entire support team. We assume the reporting feature must be great or they’re paying our boss to have us use it.

  • BB BB says:

    the video won’t load in chrome

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